We are proud to present you some of our finest Christmas and winteracts now also available for performances in Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and United Kingdom!

The giant Singing Christmas Tree (4,75 Meter!). The music and singing are superb!

Two fully decorated Singing Christmas Trees sing heartwarming Christmas Carols.

Poppie Power goes around in her wonderful white fairytale costume or as an illuminated Christmastree! When you encounter Poppie you may choose a melody. Especially for you Poppie plays a short (Christmas) tune on her violin.

Surprise your guests with our Winter Photo Studio. Pose in front of a neutral background and we will add a magical winter scenery! And if you wish we can print your logo or personal text on the photo and make it into a real Christmas card.

With her gossamer wings the Christmas Angel moves slowly floating like a butterfly. She wears an illuminated costume and is already visible from a great distance. The light makes her tulle veil and wings look like glowing mist. An amazing and poetic image.

You really can hear this Frozen Lady melt slowly. Cool, gracious , beautiful. Slowly she starts to move. It's a feast for your eyes.

The Ice Queens are beautiful, luminous creatures. This stiltact can be expanded with musicians and aerial acrobats in the same beautiful white style.

You see the two White Peace Pigeons high above the audience in a beautiful, feminine, graceful act on stilts.

Gusto Saxophone Quartet plays beautiful Christmas Carols in a Dickens setting. Four saxophones, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone, sounding like the best Christmas gift that you could want!

The two lifelike snowmen from Winterkost will make you wonder and laugh with their sudden movements, twinkling lights and music.

Dressed in traditional Dickens-costumes the X-Mas-Carols sing a cappella wonderful Christmas Carols.

In the Christmas Marionette the performers combine ballet, pantomime and variety. Santa will react to the audience by pulling the strings of the giant Marionette. What will she do?

Merry old songs sound out of the box on his sleigh. Suddenly Mechanical Santa comes to life and runs into mechanical movements to the astonished child. He opens his box and pulls out a surprise...

In the dark days of Christmas and winter Jugglin'Jay brings light! As Light Juggler he amazes the audience with his luminous objects. Solo or Duo version possible.
Sjef Kok (chef) prepares his Christmas dinner for you. A candlelight dinner with homecooking tips, a nice alternative to the turkey with delicious Glühwein à la Sjef. At the end of the show there's a fiery finale and everyone goes home with a warm feeling.

With roll of drums, whistling and cackling they walk the streets from village to town: the Geeseparade. This unique and stunning combination of man, music and goose delights young and old when they come marching by like a real band!

When Santas Bicycle Orchestra arrives with six Santas on one extended bike all mouths drop open in amazement and a smile will break through on everybody's face. A highly comical peformance with great music!

Bicycletter Orchestra

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